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Anytime you are making a long distance move, it is important to find a long distance moving company you can trust. When you are moving to Los Angeles it is even more important to find Los Angeles long distance movers who will make your dream of moving to LA a reality instead of a nightmare. When you are planning your move to LA, these are the questions to ask long distance moving companies before you make your decision.

9 Things to Ask Your Los Angeles Long Distance Mover

1. Are they licensed LA movers?

There are a lot of fly by night Los Angeles moving companies out there. Make sure that the company you choose is licensed to operate in both the state you are moving to and the state you are moving from. Don’t be afraid to ask to see proof of the necessary licenses.

2. Is their insurance up to date?

The last thing you need is to have a minor disaster happen only to find out that the company you chose is uninsured. Reputable long distance movers will stay up to date on their insurance as well as their licenses. This protects the Los Angeles moving company as well as you.

3. Check out their reviews online.

Would previous clients refer them to others? Don’t just look at the stars, read the reviews to see what formed the reviewers’ opinions. Often, online reviews will tell you everything you need to know about a company. Were they on time? Did extra charges appear later? Did they damage property or items?

4. Do they hire day contractors or is their team made up of professional movers?

You don’t want anyone in your home and handling all of your belongings that you can’t trust. You want to know that you can trust your entire moving team. Look for a Los Angeles long distance moving company that hires only top Los Angeles packers and movers for their team.

5. How do they handle specialty items?

You want to know that your fragile items and antique furniture are in great hands. If you have something like a piano that needs special attention, you want to make sure that your long distance movers are also licensed and professional Los Angeles piano movers. Find out how they handle these and other bulky items.

6. How do you know when your trucks will arrive?

Do they give you a delivery time window? Is there a way to track their trucks?
Moving schedules are typically pretty tight. You want to hire a long distance moving company that understands that and can clearly communicate their time frame with you. Some Los Angeles long distance moving companies, like Osmon Moving & Storage, even offer a truck tracking service so you always know when to expect your belongings to arrive.

7. Will they help you pack and unpack?

Packing can be stressful when you are doing it yourself. Sometimes it helps to have a room full of professionals helping you protect and pack all of your items. If this is a service you want, make sure and ask if it is something that they do.

It is also a good idea to ask if they can uninstall and reinstall your appliances. It seems like a simple task, but if you are uneasy dealing with gas appliances, or anything involving water, it may be best left to the professionals.

8. What is really included in that rate?

So, they gave you a quote, but what does it actually include? Is fuel for the trucks included? Packing supplies? Moving insurance? There are a lot of hidden charges that may pop up on your final bill. Make sure any moving company you decide to work with is transparent about their quote and what’s baked into it. Nobody likes surprises with it comes to bills!

9. Do they offer in-home estimates to give you a better idea of your actual cost?

Most companies will give you a moving quote, but what you really want is an in-home estimate. Ask if they will send a team member to come out and give you a real-life estimate. They will have a better idea of what this move will cost you after seeing just how much they are actually dealing with.

We hope this article will help you if you decide to move to Los Angeles.

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By Janysh Osmon

25 May 2021