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How Do I Keep Moving Costs Down?

Start by calling Osmon Moving & Storage. We don’t just move boxes; we strategize every part of a move so we can meet all of your expectations. Just mention any cost concerns that you have, and we’ll tell you how we can schedule your move to cost as little as possible. Most movers are busiest during the summer, and on weekends during the rest of the year. You may be able to save on the cost of your move by talking to our moving consultants for the best cost-cutting tips.

Is Bringing In Family And Friends A Good Way To Save On A Move?

Family and friends can be helpful when you need extra hands. If you know someone who wants to help, you can put them to work with moving boxes to one area of the home. They can also make easier paths for the movers by clearing sidewalks or driveways. However, on the actual moving day, there are good reasons to let the professionals handle the work. First, professional Osmon Moving & Storage team members are insured, and you won’t be liable in the case of damaged property or injury. Also, professional movers are paid hourly. If you want them to work efficiently, you need to keep other people out of the way.

How Do You Create A Quote For A Move?

Estimates are based on a number of factors that can make a move more or less difficult for us. Some of these factors include: the length (in miles) for each leg of the move, the amount of time it will take our team to load and unload a truck based on the weight of your items. It’s important to remember that large trucks cannot move as quickly as cars, and are unable to use certain routes because of vehicle weight and height limitations.

Is It Considered Customary To Tip Movers?

Like many other teams in the service industry, movers are often tipped. However, tips are not required, and our teams expect no set amount. If you like, you can choose to tip your movers an amount that matches how satisfied you are with their effort and attitude. The general guideline followed by many is 10% to 18% from labor cost of your move (this does not include transportation charges, packing materials or any other line charges).  When tipping, please be aware that whatever amount you offer will be divided evenly amongst all movers and packers who worked on your move.

Are There Disadvantages To Moving To A Home Under Construction?

Yes, these types of moves can be much more difficult to plan because items cannot always be moved to the rooms where they belong. Additionally, not all areas of the home may be ready for storage, and that means that items may have to be packed into small spaces. You should consult with your moving company to determine what space you will have to work with on the day of the move.

I Have A Tight Budget, What Is The Best Way To Plan My Move?

If you want to save money on the move, one way is to only hire movers for the parts where you need a professional’s experience to avoid injury. Pack all the boxes and furniture yourself and then call the professional team when it’s time to move the heaviest items left, such as desks, sofas, bed frames, and bureaus.

How Do I Make Sure That Every Box Makes It To The Right Room?

You can help our moving team out a lot by using a robust labeling system for all of your boxes. For example, give every room a color (red for the bedroom, yellow for the kitchen, green for the living room, etc.) That way, the movers don’t even need to decipher any handwriting to take the box exactly where it needs to go.

Is It Alright If I Leave All The Files In My Office Cabinets?

Please speak to our moving consultants to determine the proper next steps. Depending on the shape of your cabinets, it may be safe to transport them with papers inside. However, many types of drawers can become dangerously top-heavy, and those will need to be emptied.

Can My Household Plants Safely Survive A Move?

While you may be able to get a plant through a move personally, this isn’t something we can guarantee. Every plant has a unique range of tolerances and needs that just can’t be accommodated while they are inside a moving truck. Moving plants across certain state or national boundaries may be illegal and expose you to civil charges and penalties.

How Should I Identify Which Items Are Leaving Or Staying?

As long as you stick to one system, and communicate that system to your movers, you should have no trouble working with your movers. For example, you can move all items that are staying in one room of the house. You can also wrap things that are staying in a specific color of tape. For the best results, move items that aren’t leaving out of the house before the movers arrive.

I Want To Be Sure That My Prize Items Are Safe? What Can I Do?

Small precious items should be carried with you or moved to a safety deposit box before or after the move if you want complete peace of mind. Larger valuables are always a cause for concern during a move. However, our movers are the people with more insight than any other professional on how these items can be safely moved and what kind of dangers they face along the way. Make sure you’ve completed any necessary high-value declaration forms so that these items can be properly insured for their value.

Will The Movers Leave For Lunch? Should Lunch Be Provided?

Moving is exhausting work, and our crew will need time to eat, depending on how the move is scheduled. In most cases, there will be no interruption because our crew will eat before they arrive. If you wish to provide food for the crew, it can save time during long packing and moving sessions.

Is Cleanup Considered Part Of Your Moving Services?

We pride ourselves on leaving every site just like we found it when we leave a move site. We always remove any clutter or trash that was created by our moving services, and we may be able to help with other preparations. We can help prepare emptied homes for sale or closing. Ask our moving consultants to learn more.

Will You Handle Water And Gas Line Connections?

Please contact gas technicians for any services involving gas lines. Our team is not insured to handle these items. Due to problems that older water lines can develop, we avoid water lines without a signed liability waiver.

How Many Movers Do I Need?

There isn’t one answer for every move. You might be surprised at what a small team can do, but you also don’t want so few movers that the move takes too long. We can provide some recommendations if you provide us with details.

How Much Time Should I Set Aside For An In-Home Estimate?

Usually, an in-home visit requires between a ½ hour to an hour of your time.

Do I Need Property Insurance If I’ve Hired Professionals?

It can be wise to insure your property during moves, even if you’ve hired a professional team. First, damage can occur well before and after the movers have handled the property. Items can also be lost before they are moved into the trucks or before you’ve finished unpacking. You should consult your homeowner’s policy to find out how your items are covered during transit.

Can You Move Pets?

Unfortunately, we do not offer moving services for pets. It’s not safe for them to be transported with the rest of your items. Moves can be incredibly stressful for pets. If you can keep them with you however you choose to travel, you will be able to monitor their health and safety much more easily.

Can I Ride In The Cab Of The Moving Truck To The Next Destination?

Unfortunately, we do not offer transportation for you, only your items. For insurance reasons, customers can’t ride in our trucks.

Is It A Good Idea To Move On The Same Day That I Close On My Home?

If you are absolutely sure of the details, you may be able to pull this off, but it isn’t easy. We do not recommend that you try to schedule your move on this day because things can go wrong on the closing day. A week after the move is the safest timeline.

If I Want A More Natural Move, What Should I Focus on Before the Movers Arrive?

Organization is key. Pack as much as you can, as neatly as possible, before the movers arrive. You may be surprised how quickly a professional team can clear out a mountain of boxes. Focus on throwing out any items that aren’t going with you to the new place, so there’s nothing but truck-bound items when the movers arrive.

Are There Hidden Fees When It Comes To Moving?

Some costs can come up unexpectedly during a move. In many cases, it’s because there wasn’t enough communication between the people who are planning the move. The most effective way to avoid unplanned expenses is to start planning when you have plenty of time to consider your schedule and resources. Make sure you consider whether or not your home has changed since the furniture was moved in. Extra equipment may be necessary to move items such as pianos or large sofas. Just think carefully about how each large object needs to exit the home, and you can avoid surprises.

Should I Be The One To Pack My Valuables And Breakables?

You may be concerned about trusting movers with your most fragile items. Our teams are formed by serious professionals who are experienced and skilled when it comes to safely packing and moving objects. We have moved everything from crystal collections to large sculptures and artwork. We understand which part of a box are likely to experience the most pressure—and how things shift in a truck. That experience lets us pack your valuables in the safest way.

How Do I Prepare A Large Appliance For A Move?

You can leave this work to our team if you like. We carry moving blankets that can be wrapped around chest freezers, fridges, and dishwashers to provide cushioning. All of the items must be empty when movers arrive. Don’t forget that you may need to call in water or gas professionals to disconnect appliances, such as washers, that are connected to municipal lines. Our movers cannot assist with disconnecting appliances from gas lines.

What Can I Do With Hazardous Items Before A Move?

Please consult the appropriate hotline for hazardous items. Certain items, such as paint cans and propane tanks, should list numbers you can call to learn how to dispose of them properly. We cannot move items that are pressurized or combustible. We also cannot transport firearms. Gas-operated equipment will need to have their tanks emptied before they can be transported.

Can My Movers Arrange My Furniture For Me?

Of course! Just communicate where you want the furniture to go, and our movers will help until you’re satisfied. Please remember that our movers are paid by the hour. If you need to change your mind a few times, it may mean some additional charges.

How do I keep the items I Need On Moving Day From Going Out To The Trucks?

You may want to have items such as toiletries and medications out where you can reach them at a moment’s notice. If the boxes are marked properly and explained to the movers, there should not be an issue. You can ensure that you always have the items ready by moving them to your vehicle or another spot for storage.

Can I Be Sure All My Furniture Will Fit In A Smaller Home?

Not easily, because there may be some extra work to do after you’ve done the math. Remember, smaller items can also take up a large amount of space. If you didn’t factor them in when you measured your furniture, you might not have room for anything else. Our team has some experience in this area and may be able to help you get a more accurate estimate.

Can I Leave While The Moving Crew Is There?

You, or someone you appoint to represent you, must be available for the entire move. That representative can be a spouse, adult child, or assistant, as long as they are authorized to make decisions about the move on your behalf. One of the responsibilities includes checking off that everything has been loaded.

Can You Handle Furniture Assembly?

Yes. Furniture can be disassembled and reassembled by our team. However, that covers standard furniture. Different conditions may apply to large items such as pool tables and home gyms. Even if we can’t help, we can connect you to someone who can.

How Far In Advance Should I Book My Move?

We recommend that you do it as early as possible. Our windows for service are not guaranteed. Certain days (Friday and Saturday) and certain times of the year are packed. If you want a preferred date, it’s wise to set the date six months in advance.