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As the top-rated Los Angeles long distance movers, our clients always want to know what they should expect when moving to LA. Los Angeles is the city of dreams, but getting to know how is works can be overwhelming. When you hire Osmon Moving & Storage, you are hiring the Los Angeles moving company that will make your move to Los Angeles as easy as possible. And that includes tips for how to move to Los Angeles and get to know this amazing city.

10 Things to Know Before Moving to Los Angeles

1. Los Angeles is Bigger Than You Think

Sure, you already know that Los Angeles is a big city, but it is more spread out than you think. And LA packs a lot into its massive 500 square miles. In one day you can get in an early morning hike, enjoy any of the endless attractions LA is known for, have a sunset dinner on the beach, and then hit the nightlife scene. During cooler months, you can even add skiing to the mix.

When you first arrive, get to know your area first and lock down the best routes to work, school, and your favorite restaurants and grocery stores. Then take the time to really explore the city. Luckily, it doesn’t matter how long you live here, you’ll find there is always something new to discover in LA.

2. Traffic is a Very Real Struggle

Los Angeles traffic is a way of life. The city is notorious for having the worst traffic congestion in the county. When you first move to LA, traffic can and will be frustrating. It’s always best if your commute is against traffic and eventually you’ll learn the best times to run errands. At worst, you can always make the best of a bad situation and use your car time to catch up on your favorite podcasts and audiobooks.

Ask neighbors and coworkers for the best tips to get around. A few Los Angeles traffic tips that you may hear time and time again include avoiding the 10, take Fountain when possible, and use traffic apps like Waze to help you navigate side streets. And, always leave early. What looks like a 20 minute drive on a map may be closer to an hour.

3. Location Matters When it Comes to Los Angeles Neighborhoods

When you are apartment or house hunting in Los Angeles, location matters more than in other cities. A lot of that goes back to the pesky traffic situation. Most Los Angeles neighborhoods will have the amenities you are looking for. If you already have a job or friends in Los Angeles, choose the Los Angeles neighborhood close to them.

Select your neighborhood before you start looking for a specific place to live. Real estate moves fast in Los Angeles and apartments are often rented within a day of listing. Once you made your choice, be ready to aggressively hunt for the perfect place.

4. Learn to Decipher Parking Signs Early

Unless you want to deal with the hassle of having your car impounded, learn how to read Los Angeles parking signs. It also doesn’t hurt to do a little research before you head out for the day to see where you can and can’t park.

5. Always Use the Crosswalk

If you are thinking about saving a couple minutes by racing across the street when the sign says, “Don’t walk,” or cutting diagonally across an intersection, don’t do it. In other cities, getting a ticket for jaywalking is a joke. In Los Angeles, it is very real and very common. So unless, you are ready to shell out about $200, adhere to all crossing regulations.

6. We Love Talking About Directions

Do you remember how we said that Los Angeles traffic is a lifestyle. It shows in more ways than just our freeway congestion. People in Los Angeles talk about directions, all the time. Everyone has a favorite route and is ready to tell you about it in a heartbeat. The terminology is also a little different than you may be used to. Interstates are never referred to as Interstate 10 or I-10. In LA, we prefer to name our freeways, so we call Interstate 10,“The 10”.

7. The Los Angeles Lifestyle is Infectious

Los Angeles residents have a certain healthy glow and it is not just from the beautiful Los Angeles weather. We love staying fit, eating healthy, being optimistic, and relaxing whenever possible. Living in Los Angeles means living in a city filled with people striving to be the best possible versions of themselves. That starts with taking care of ourselves.

8. It’s Easy to Escape the City for Nature and Hiking

Los Angeles may be a major US city, but you can still find nature nearby. Thanks to the abundance of mountains and cabins, there are hundreds of trails in Los Angeles to suit all abilities and goals. Canyons, high peaks, waterfalls, we have it all right here. Get out and enjoy the natural paradise that surrounds Los Angeles.

9. There’s More to Los Angeles Than the Entertainment Industry

We get it. When outsiders think of Los Angeles, their minds go straight to Hollywood. They think of a city filled with starlets, dancers, musicians, and talent scouts. We do have our share of residents working in the entertainment industry, but there is so much more to this city.

Los Angeles is a city that embraces and celebrates creative energy. That’s why it is a natural location for technology startups and the tech industry. Los Angeles residents are full of big ideas and free thinkers and most people you meet are probably running some sort of creative business on the side.

10. Get Ready to Have a Favorite Taco Spot

There is no shortage of fabulous restaurants to suit every palate, but our Mexican cuisine is out of this world, particularly our tacos. Whether you gravitate towards a sit down restaurant, a food truck, or a street vendor, everyone has a favorite taco spot.

The main thing to know about moving to Los Angeles is that it really is the city of dreams. When you are ready to follow your dream of moving to LA, remember to give Osmon Moving & Storage a call.

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By Janysh Osmon

25 May 2021