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Every Los Angeles neighborhood has its own unique personality, ranging in activities, school systems and access to the natural wonders of southern California. Set at the top of the desirable San Fernando Valley, living in Northridge balances all of these things. With stunning state and national parks to its north and Lake Balboa to the south, relocating to Northridge provides a chance to create a life of balance whether your a single adult or a large family.

Just one of the many interesting facts about Northridge is that it was named North Los Angeles in the early 20th century but was changed to Northridge in the 1930s to avoid confusion with surrounding neighborhoods. It is now known as a haven away from the city and a gem of the San Fernando Valley. Above all, one of the biggest benefits of living in Northridge is its highly rated schools. If you’re looking to settle down as a family, moving to Northridge should definitely be on your shortlist.

Who lives in Northridge?

With the population of Northridge sitting just over 71,000 people, the neighborhood is among the least densely populated areas in Los Angeles. The neighborhood boasts great diversity, with the largest percentage of racial background reporting as Hispanic and a significant number of Asian residents. It is also a relatively young crowd living in Northridge, with at least 40% of those in town under the age of 24. With with such strong school systems, it’s no wonder so many families flock to the area with young ones.

For the most part, the area is financially comfortable as well. The median income of Northridge is nearly $72,000 a year, though there is plenty of economic diversity throughout the neighborhood.

How are the Northridge Neighborhoods?

With Cal State at Northridge right in the heart of town, the area has a bustling college-town energy combined with family-friendly suburban charm. The Susana Mountains are always in the distance, giving this part of the city a bit more of a natural energy that those closer to the center of LA. A bit more spread out and spacious than other LA neighborhoods, the architecture of the San Fernando Valley features a combination of modern beauty and retro charm. Plenty of luxury apartments and townhouses also offer options to Northridge renters.

Northridge has rebounded after the infamous earthquake 25 years ago, and offers plenty of restaurants, shopping and cafes to spend an afternoon on the main drive. Though the crime rate in Northridge is lower over than the overall rate of LA and California, it is important to be aware of a larger than usual number of property-related crimes. Perhaps most importantly, residents living in Northridge report feeling safe and supported by their communities.

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Northridge?

As with most popular neighborhoods, Northridge does come at a bit of a pretty penny. The median home value will run you over half a million dollars and the rent is over $1500 a month for a one-bedroom apartment. This higher cost of living comes with the convenience of access to all major interstates, fantastic schools and pretty much everything you need to live a balanced life all in one neighborhood. Northridge is also pretty far north of the center of the city, offering a sense of peace from the traditional rhythm of LA.

Northridge Weather is Something to Consider

The stunning southern California climate makes for year-round easy living, with warm and dry summers and winter temperatures never dropping below 43. With the coolness of the nearby mountains and nature reservations, families can escape the hot Northridge weather in the summers for a hike or a swim.

It is important to note that Northridge is in a seismic hazard zone. The California Department of Conservation speaks of the current requirements that all land developers must consider to ensure the safest construction and placement of buildings for the event of earthquakes.

Things to Do in Northridge

As such a popular place for families to call home, what is there to do with kids in Northridge? In addition to a large handful of children’s dance studios, play gyms and mommy-and-me activity centers, Northridge offers plenty of arts-focused museums, botanical gardens and outdoor parks to let out energy.

On raining days, head out for some old-fashioned roller skating at Skateland Northridge. You can also explore their love of the stars at the Donald E. Bianchi Planetarium for shows, speakers and exhibits. You can also foster their love of live arts and entertainment by catching a concert at the Younes and Soraya Nazarian Center for the Performing Arts.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy Northridge as an adult as well. The area features plenty of poke spots, welcoming brunch places and friendly pubs. Handfuls of cozy coffee shops and bakeries cater to both the family and student crowds, with plenty of small businesses to support. There is also a plethora of shopping to be had in Northridge, especially at the expansive Pacific Northridge Fashion Center.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you have your pick of outdoor green space ideal for long hikes, short treks with your dog or even places to lounge by the lake with your family. Dearborn Park offers jungle gyms and sports fields while the Orange Grove duck pond provides a great way to introduce kids to nature and spend a day outside.

Where do people work in Northridge, CA?

With a major university right at the center of the neighborhood, it’s understandable that many of the popular jobs in Northridge come from the education sector. A major hospital right in town also welcomes those in the medical field as well as administrators and support staff. Pharmaceutical and tech companies are the next largest industry to serve the area.

With a median household income over $70,000 a year, it is clear that there are plenty of opportunities both in and just outside of Northridge, especially for those community south to the center of the city. Both buses and trains are available to Northridge commuters, but traveling to work by car is still the most popular choice.

The Northridge School System

There’s no question that many of the families flocking to the area come for the fantastic Northridge school system. Magnet, charter and traditional public schools all receive top ratings, offering specialized programs in the arts, sciences and opportunities advanced studies. The university at the heart of Northridge has a sprawling campus of that features the college of the humanities, business and economics, arts and media and many more. Northridge has a focus on education woven throughout its culture from kindergarten to college.

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By Janysh Osmon

25 May 2021