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When seeking an ideal Los Angeles living experience, the draw of the Sherman Oaks neighborhood remains a popular choice for many. The reasons to move to Sherman Oaks include everything you seek in a community—cultural outings, a bustling downtown, access to the city and nearby natural beauty. Since the area borders the Santa Monica mountains, Sherman Oaks’ population density is lower than many of the surrounding neighborhoods. Many see this an opportunity to find a long-term home in the area while still benefiting from the perks of the San Fernando Valley.

Named for General Moses Hazeltine Sherman, who originally owned and developed the land, Sherman Oaks has a rich history. The neighborhood still features some of its signature old-Hollywood architecture from the 1930’s and includes iconic roads like Mulholland Drive and Ventura Boulevard. Though its high cost of living makes Sherman Oaks quite costly for many throughout the LA region, everyone from the technology to the entertainment industry flocks to the neighborhood for a tight-knit community and an active lifestyle.

Sherman Oaks Population

Between its proximity to the mountains and higher daily living costs, the Sherman Oaks population density is comparably lower than other similar neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles. Sherman Oaks population is over 77,000 and continues to grow as families move out of the center of LA.

Though ethnic diversity is low for the city of Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks does home more diverse backgrounds than the rest of the county. Over 45% of residents also have at least a four-year degree, which is higher than the area as a whole. According to Niche.com, 11% of Sherman Oaks residents are children, showing that family life in the area is continuously expanding, though still low in comparison to many similar cities.

Sherman Oaks Price Tag

The cost of living in Sherman Oaks is considered quite high for the region, attracting many well-known names in the entertainment industry as well as middle-aged professionals. If you’re looking to move to Sherman Oaks, renting is actually a more popular choice than homeownership. The average rental for an apartment in Sherman Oaks was $1,897 as of August 2017, which is on the higher end compared to the national average, but a possibly smart choice for those looking to live with the LA area.

The median home value in Sherman Oaks is over $700k, surpassing the median throughout the state. Home income tends to be quite high as well—over $90,000 per household—which lends to this pricier way of life.

Where to Live in Sherman Oaks

The Sherman Oaks neighborhood features its own destination-worthy downtown strip on Ventura Boulevard. This makes Sherman Oaks one of the more walkable and therefore family-friendly of the LA neighborhoods. Popular chain restaurant mix with home-grown local spots, speaking to a mix of tastes and preferences.

The residential areas of Sherman Oaks boast a timeless feel old LA. Opulent, eye-catching villas mix with 1930’s “birdhouse” ranch-style homes, creating a diversity in style and energy throughout town. Originally developed as a quiet spot to life outside of bustling LA, the area generally balances outdoor green space and beautiful architecture for residents today.

Though Sherman Oaks is one of the safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, property-related crime and car theft are more common. Locals recommend remaining as vigilant as you would in any neighborhood, but reassures that Sherman Oaks has a below-average crime rate compared to the rest of the country.

Sherman Oaks Weather

It’s hard to catch a month in Sherman Oaks without beautiful weather. Though summers tend to be quite hot and dry, proximity to a mountainous area keeps temperatures a bit cooler. There are plenty of ways to stay outside in the cooler months as well, with the average winter temperatures in Sherman oaks hanging around the 60s and even 70s.

Sunny and generally dry throughout the year, there are also plenty of beach-worthy days worth exploring the nearby coast and beach towns.

Fun Things to do in Sherman Oaks

No matter the season, there are plenty of things to do in Sherman Oaks. Take the kids to the Van Nuys Sherman Oak recreation center for a day of swimming, learning a new sport and exploring acres of parks and playgrounds. A journey out to this or one of their many other open green spaces in town makes for a great afternoon filled with free things to do in Sherman Oaks.

Another activity for the kids is Castle Park, which offers a day of mini-golf, go-cart racing and arcade games. Come here on a sunny or rainy day, as it offers indoor and outdoor fun.

Need a night out without the kids? Treat yourself to something nice at The Sherman Oaks Galleria shopping plaza, the famous location of “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” Laid back and high-end restaurants alike cater to all tastes, such as The Local Peasant for a relaxing evening or grab a craft cocktail at Public School. Roam up and down Ventura Boulevard for a night of entertainment, drinks and an unforgettable dinner.

During the week, support one of Sherman Oaks’ small business and coffee shops, stopping into Happy Days Cafe for an espresso and a plate of churros or head to the Tuesday Farmers Market in town.

The Job Scene in Sherman Oaks

With nearly a quarter of homes bringing in over $150k a year, the range of jobs in Sherman Oaks come from management throughout industries and those in the entertainment field. One area of downtown is even known as “celebrity row,” due to its frequent spotting of recognizable faces.

The other common source of jobs in Sherman Oaks is the tech industry. Since it sits right at the intersection of routes 101 and 405, many high-profile tech companies make their home close to or within the neighborhood of Sherman Oaks. This makes it an ideal home for singles and families alike to balance convenience with a busy career.

Schools in Sherman Oaks

Offering public and private schools alike, families have their selection of LA schools to tailored to their preferred approach. High Tech Los Angeles, for example, is one of the top charter schools in the state, while many of the surrounding schools gain high schools across the board. Families also have their pick of magnet schools focusing on the arts and sciences of their pick.

For later in their education, Pepperdine University sits in the nearby Encino neighborhood while major schools like UCLA, USD and Santa Monica college are just a short drive away. Both in-state and private university provide selection for college-aged students living in Sherman Oaks.

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By Janysh Osmon

25 May 2021