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Will you be living in Santa Clarita soon? Or maybe you’re simply heading there to visit a friend or family member? Whether it’s your first time there or you’ve already been to the area multiple times, everyone who visits this city always has plenty of options when it comes to local events and activities.

About 30 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, this suburb is a great place for those seeking an escape from the hectic craziness of the big city. Home to about 182,000 residents, Santa Clarita offers a much more spread out area and slower lifestyle than its much larger neighbor to the south, which houses over 4 million people.

But even though it’s smaller, there are still some great things to do in Santa Clarita. From local theme parks and country clubs to playgrounds and hiking trails, everyone will find something they enjoy in this pleasant and entertaining city.

1. Placerita Canyon Nature Center

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, this area offers plenty of opportunities for you. Visit the Placerita Canyon Nature Center for a range of seasonal activities and events. It’s also one of the best free things to do in Santa Clarita. Take a hike down one of the park’s 10+ trails to see beautiful views of the canyon and local plant life.

Every weekend the park holds a simple nature walk that is enjoyable for all ages. You’ll get the chance to see animals that are native to the center such as desert tortoises, possums, and a variety of owls. Visitors can even tend occasional animal shows to get up close and personal with the local wildlife.

2. Vasquez Rocks

Another great outdoor activity in Santa Clarita is a visit to the Vasquez Rocks. This area is home to some incredible sandstone rock formations, unique animal life, and more hiking trails. But if you’re looking for more than a day trip, you have plenty of weekend filled activities available to you.

The natural area boasts great camping spots, horseback riding, and some neat historical sites. Spend a few days exploring the vast 932 acres of rock formations and take advantage of some great photo opps. This picturesque area has established itself as one of the most popular things to do in Santa Clarita.

3. Six Flags Magic Mountain

Now, if you’re looking for more of a thrill, head over to Six Flags Magic Mountain. It’s definitely one of the coolest Santa Clarita attractions. There you’ll find award-winning and record-breaking roller coasters, family rides, and even an area for younger kids. You won’t want to leave after a day of food and fun at this amazing theme park.

Hop on the world’s tallest, fastest, and longest flying roller coaster, known as Tatsu, for a thrill unlike any other. Enjoy other coasters and rides based on DC Comics superheroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. If you need a break from all the twists and turns, be sure to grab something to eat at one of the many restaurants or snack stations placed all over the park.

4. Hurricane Harbor

When summer time rolls around, one of the best things to do in Santa Clarita is right next door to Magic Mountain. Six Flags also plays host to one of the area’s most fun water parks, Hurricane Harbor. With a wide range of water slides, giant splash pads, and a 480,000 gallon wave pool, both kids and adults will love a day full of fun in the sun.

Take a 6-story fall through a trapdoor on the Bonzai Pipelines water slide, float along the 1,300-foot lazy river, and grab some friends to take on the 132-foot ride called Tornado.

5. Mountasia Family Fun Center

If you’re look for some entertainment on a smaller scale, then stop by the Mountasia Family Fun Center. A popular place for birthday parties or simply a day with the family, this destination is one of the most fun things to do in Santa Clarita with kids. Everyone will enjoy the variety of rides, attractions, and great food they have to offer.

Race your friends on the go-kart track, blow off some steam on one of the bumper boats, or simply play in their video gaming arcade. With additional activities from laser tag to mini golf, this fun center has something for everyone.

6. Gibbon Conservation Center / Gentle Barn

Animals lovers will be fascinated by two great destinations in the Santa Clarita area. Less than 10 minutes from one another are the Gibbon Conservation Center and The Gentle Barn. The Gibbon Conservation Center is home to a small species of apes known as gibbons. Known for their acrobatics and huge eyes, you’ll be able to get a closer look at these adorable creatures and learn about the conservation centers goals.

The Gentle Barn is exactly what it sounds like: a sanctuary for farm animals who have been rescued from abuse and neglect. Visitors will have the chance to hold, pet, and even hug a range of these barn animals. You’ll find everything from horses and cows to pigs, goats, llamas, and more.

7. Central Park

Though not to be confused with the popular one in New York, Santa Clarita Central Park is still a beautiful area. The park boasts a large playground, several sports fields, and some great art sculptures.

Visitors can stroll along the walking paths, watch their children enjoy the jungle gym, or start a pickup game of football on one of the greenbelts.

8. Old Town Newhall

While Newhall was once its own city, in 1987 it was incorporated into Santa Clarita along with a handful of other towns in the area. Old Town Newhall is the epitome of the area back in its prime. You’ll find plenty of old-fashioned shops, restaurants, and local entertainment options every time you visit.

Spend a morning or afternoon checking out the local shops, hang out with friends at one of the diners, or visit the area’s popular William S. Hart Museum.

9. Sand Canyon Country Club

There aren’t many places in California where you can go without mentioning golf as a common option, and Santa Clarita is no exception. One of the best options for local or visiting golfers is the beautiful Sand Canyon Country Club. Formerly known as Robinson Ranch Golf Club, it recently undertook new management and has since been renovated and revitalized.

The giant, desert course features 27 holes and some of the most spectacular southern California views you’ve ever seen. Surrounded by the Angeles National Forest, don’t let your golf game get distracted by the rolling hills and gorgeous landscaping. Follow up your round with a visit to the Sycamore Bar & Grill for something to eat and/or drink.

10. City of Santa Clarita Trails

If you still find yourself looking for things to do in Santa Clarita, maybe you can discover something new simply by going for a walk. The city of Santa Clarita has over 80 miles of trails and paseos just waiting to be traversed by hikers, joggers, and those who merely want to take a leisurely stroll.

With trails leading to nearby parks, shopping centers, and other entertainment destinations, you never know what you might find. Pick one and see where it takes you.

Your Visit Will Offer Plenty of Other Things to do in Santa Clarita

Whether you are planning a long-term or short-term visit, you’ll find plenty of awesome things to do in Santa Clarita. Apart from the theme parks and museums, there are also great places to eat and you’ll have easy access to the beach. Everyone who visits this city, leaves with a smile on their face and new memories to share.

Now, if you’re thinking about a more permanent visit to this beautiful area, we’ve also put together a helpful guide for moving to Santa Clarita. We would be happy to have you join us in this great city and would love to help with your move. Take a look at the Santa Clarita moving services we offer and let us make the transition a smooth and simple one.

By Janysh Osmon

25 May 2021